Suami Ngajak "Gituan" Tapi Istri Menolak, Ini Hukumnya Dalam Islam
Personal Lines Insurance: A History of Home Insurance

Suami Ngajak "Gituan" Tapi Istri Menolak, Ini Hukumnya Dalam Islam

Personal Lines Insurance: A History of Home Insurance

International Health Insurance Plans

Global Medical Plans

If you plan to live or reside abroad for an extended length of time, you will want to make sure you invest in a high-quality international health insurance plan for the period you are overseas, outside of your home country, in case something happens and you need to seek medical treatment. For most countries around the world, it may also be a requirement of your visa (if you need one) to show proof of adequate coverage. These plans are ideal for Expatriates, Global Nomads or International Citizens who are abroad for the majority of each year.

What is International Health Insurance?

International Health Insurance offers comprehensive worldwide coverage for individuals and families living abroad for a year or longer. Coverage should include in-patient, out-patient, wellness, evacuation, dental, vision and select other benefits. Plans are renewable each year for life or until a specified termination date.

How Much do Global Medical Plans Cost
One of the first question we often get: "How much does international health insurance cost?". Eligibility and premiums are based primarily on a policyholders age, medical history and area of coverage (typically not on an individual's claims history), as well as the deductible and maximum coverage, selected. Plans will normally offer two areas of cover; Worldwide or Worldwide excluding the USA, sometimes excluded countries also include Canada, Hong Kong, and other more expensive countries for medical care. If you choose the coverage that includes the US, it will typically be more expensive. The reason for this is that medical care in the USA is the most expensive in the world. At times, international medical insurance providers (i.e., GeoBlue and Cigna) will rank countries by medical costs and have premiums adjusted accordingly.

Global Medical Plan Benefits
International Health or Global Medical Plans offer comprehensive medical coverage for those living outside of their home country for a year or longer. The best plans offer:
  • Freedom to choose any hospital, clinic or doctor
  • 24 Hour Emergency Assistance and Medical Helpline
  • Emergency Evacuation, Repatriation, Hospitalization
  • In most cases, Home Country coverage is included
  • Choice of GBP, Euro and USD currencies for payment

Additional Benefits and Options
Plans may offer additional benefits such as dental, vision, maternity, prescription drugs and other coverage options. Some of these are included in the base plan. Other times they are optional add-ons that come with an additional premium. For example, Cigna Global allows you to pick and choose various options (Wellness, Dental, and Vision, etc.) and benefits to design a plan that meets your specific needs.

International Health Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions
Individual global medical insurance plans are purchased by one person or a family. Typically, the plan is purchased because there is a risk of some medical issue soon (maternity is a typical example). Therefore, these plans come with added risks that an insurance company will try to minimize through a process called underwriting. After you apply, a team of underwriters will review your application and any pre-existing conditions. They may require a copy of past medical records. After their review, they will typically either
  • Approve your application as is
  • Approve your application with a limitation or exclusion of the pre-existing condition
  • Add a premium surcharge to offset the added risks of insuring you with your condition
  • Deny your application altogether

Typical Plan Exclusions and Limitations
All plans, domestic or international, will provide a list of exclusions for specific risks that they can not insure, including:
  • Acts of War.
  • Hostilities, Military Actions, Terrorist Acts, and Other Civil Commotions, whether the war has been declared or not.
  • Nuclear Explosions and resulting nuclear fallout.

Many providers have their specific exclusions in addition to those above. These additional exclusions can be broad or narrow depending on the type of policy or the company that has issued the insurance. Be sure to review a plan's exclusions as specified in the policy schedule.

Of course, we suggest working with a licensed international health insurance broker. There are no additional costs to use a broker. The benefit is that you get an experienced agent working to help sort through a variety of policies to find the best plan for your specific needs. Your broker will also help get your application processed promptly and resolved any issues that may come up during the year.

Best International Health Insurance Companies

Finding The Top Global Health Insurance Providers

Finding an international health insurance plan should be at the top of your list of priorities when planning your move abroad. Surprisingly, there are some excellent options from which to choose. And many of these health insurance plans are very affordable, especially when compared to health insurance plans in the US. But which international health insurance companies are the best?

What are the Best International Health Insurance Companies

Below is a comprehensive list of international insurance companies that offer the best in service, benefits, coverage, and rates. As always, review the terms of the policy carefully and discuss with an international insurance broker who can help guide you through the process.
1. Cigna Global Insurance
Cigna Global Insurance was one of the first companies to offer expatriate or global medical insurance plans and they remain a leading international provider.

2. International Medical Group
IMG offers the widest range of products, from trip cancellation to long-term international medical plans (IMG Global Medical). For more than 20 years, IMG has provided international medical insurance, travel insurance, and affordable coverage to the international community insuring clients in more than 170 countries worldwide.

3. Aetna International
With more than 160 years of experience in healthcare, Aetna has specialized in international health benefits insurance for more than 55 years – with a growing global footprint to reach wherever you travel. They have been recognized with such prestigious awards as "Best International Private Health Insurance Provider" and "Health Insurer of the Year."

4. GeoBlue Global Medical
Designed for US citizens abroad or Internationals Residing in the USA. GeoBlue is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and offers both short-term travel medical plans as well as long-term international health plans. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a federation of 50 independent health insurance providers in the United States. GeoBlue is a trade name of Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC (Worldwide Services Insurance Agency, LLC in California and New York), an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

5. Premier Health
Premier Health, administered by PA Group, is a well recommended international provider focused on providing high-quality global coverage throughout the world. Plans offer residents full coverage in their home country (excluding the USA) and worldwide year round.

6. Allianz
One of the biggest insurance providers in the world, Allianz is a Germany company. Allianz Worldwide is the international health division of Allianz Worldwide Partners and part of the Allianz Group. The company is well known for its international reach, and for providing international health insurance for employees.

7. IntegraGlobal
IntegraGlobal, a U.K. company that has service offices strategically placed worldwide in Europe, North America, and Asia, specializing in providing health plans to organizations and individuals with unique health protection needs, such as expatriates, marine professionals and specialized risks. IntegraGlobal's goal is to develop unique international health plans that offer you outstanding protection, excellent value, and hands-on unbeatable personal service.

8. BUPA International health Plan
Offers over 65 years of medical expertise and dedication to health. They have a global team of advisers and health experts who, between them, speak multiple languages – and a service that exceeds expectations. These are just a few of the things that make Bupa Global different. Explore how we provide you with world-class cover and stand apart from the rest.

When to Apply for Global Medical Insurance

Moving abroad, far away from your home country, creates remarkable opportunities for learning and personal growth. It is because of this that many people choose to travel for longer than the average week or 14 day vacation. The opportunity to immerse oneself in a different culture, way of life and perhaps learn a different language can, however, come with challenges.

When living abroad for a period of six months, to a year or more, there are many steps that should be taken to plan and prepare a safe journey ahead of time. Properly preparing will mean you are not left scrambling, panicking or frustrated during what could be a stressful event. One of your top priorities should be a good international health insurance plan. Below are some considerations for when to apply, and what else you need to do to prepare…

When to Apply for International Health Insurance

To be eligible for global health insurance, you must be planning to reside outside of your home country on or before the effective date of your plan (with some exceptions), which is why it is important to start your research early for coverage. Most plans will require that you apply 30 to 45 days prior to departure date. This application time is necessary for the approval process of the insuring company as well as validation of your health condition and any pre-existing conditions. Keep in mind that if you decide to apply earlier or to move the effective date to another time, you may need to provide an updated health declaration and new information from your health care provider to ensure that there is no new health condition that was not included in the initial application.

Living abroad promises exciting challenges and a proper preparation ahead of time will allow for a smooth transition in your host country. With Global Medical Insurance, you can start your new life overseas with increased confidence and peace of mind. Our insurance experts work with multiple carriers and can assist you in finding the insurance plan that will best fit your needs.

Expatriate Health Insurance

Expatriates have unique and serious considerations when choosing both an expatriate insurance provider and a plan to cover themselves and their families. There are a variety of international health, travel, and trip insurance plans. For this sections, we will focus on International Health and Medical plans that are especially important for expatriates. Specifically, this section provides detailed information on expat healthcare coverage for expatriates living abroad for multiple years.

Global Medical Insurance Plans for Expats
Many expats are not covered under a corporate or group health plan. For those individuals (or families), an international health plan should be purchased. These policies provide either worldwide or regional medical coverage and also can include components of trip insurance, evacuation services, and repatriation benefits. The best providers have global networks of healthcare providers which you can access and will “direct-pay” to hospitals & caregivers.

How Much do Expatriate Medical Insurance Plans Cost
Premium, or cost, calculations are typically based on a policyholders country of origin, age, medical history and country of coverage. Typically plans will offer two areas of cover; a) Worldwide, excluding the USA or, the more comprehensive option, b) Worldwide coverage. Other companies may have separate pricing by region and will possibly exclude certain areas of high risk. Providers are looking at both the risks associated with living in certain areas and the costs of healthcare in those areas when determining the price. Most providers will rank countries by the cost of medical care and will adjust premiums accordingly.

Expat Healthcare – Portability and Maintenance of Cover
Expat healthcare insurance plans for expatriates are typically portable – meaning they will cover you for periods of times in all countries. As expatriates are more likely to be traveling to multiple countries throughout the year, a global policy provides for continuous coverage regardless of where their sickness occurs (typically limited after returning to your home country). If you need coverage in your home country as well, make sure you find a provider that can provide worldwide coverage.

Expat Medical Insurance: Application and Underwriting
Underwriting is, simply put, the process through which your application is reviewed (approved or denied) and your premium is determined. Typically, medical underwriting is where the insurance provider asks a series of medical questions during the application process and provides the applicant with details of what they will and will not be prepared to cover. The applicant will usually be required to get documentation from their doctors as well as other healthcare providers. Occasionally, if the applicant is symptom and treatment free of any medical issues for a specified period, they may be offered coverage on the understanding that they will be underwritten every time they claim against their policy.

Shorter Term Coverage for Travelers
If you will be abroad for shorter periods of time, consider a travel medical plan which can provide assistance during emergency medical situations abroad. These policies are less expensive as they are time specific rather than annual policies, this allows the policyholder to specifically tailor the plan to the exact length of their trip. You can typically get coverage for a single trip or multiple trips insurance.

We always recommend you do your research so that you understand how your policy will assist you should you need urgent medical care while abroad. Countries have varying levels of quality in their hospitals and healthcare facilities. Many will require immediate payment for services before assisting you. The best plans include emergency hotlines to help you understand where you should go for care, talk with providers on your behalf and cover up-front expenses, so you don't have to.

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